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Anne of the Island


“I went looking for my dreams outside of myself and discovered, it’s not what the world holds for you, it’s what you bring to it.”
― L.M. Montgomery 

Lucy Maud Montgomery (November 30, 1874 – April 24, 1942) was a Canadian author best known for a series of novels under the title of Anne of Green Gables. Anne of the Island is the third book of this enchanting series. The main character in this book, the orphan Anne Shirley, made Montgomery famous.

The book begins with the main character Anne Shirley and her best childhood friend Diana Barry picking apples in the Green Gables Orchard. This book carries along a very positive and relaxing vibe. The author creates a sketch of the atmosphere and the scenes in such an exquisite manner that it leaves the reader astounded and lost in the beauty of that location. The everlasting effect of those lush green fields and sparkling waters of gushing rivers was refreshing. The breezy flow of this novel is a perfect match with the plot of such beautiful relationships tinged with some hurdles that makes the reader crave for the next chapter. Every aspect of this novel moves along with a very wonderful and calming energy. Each character in this book has a quality which the other is lacking and this contrast of liveliness and friendliness concludes a glorious engaging chapter.

A new journey begins as Anne Shirley waves a tearful goodbye to her childhood home Green Gables, leaving her possessions behind and putting her precious memories aside. Walking past the past and towards the future, new surprises, memories and majestic moments lie in her future as she prepares her herself to go to Kingsport to join Redmond College.

Anne visits her homeland and often exchanges hilarious letters. Discovering a whole new world and cherishing the moments became her main objective. This trip changes her and she was once again living. Anne’s relationships grew stronger, but some relationships became so weak that letting those relationships go didn’t even matter. Taking serious life decisions, to acting without thinking- overall her experience in living away from her humble home was bitter-sweet.

Adjusting in Redmond College was quintessential now. Her good luck was that she met Philippa Gordon, a beautiful, yet blunt girl who was also a student. Settling in Kingsport was amazing yet hectic. Anne woke up every day to a land of shimmering streams and peaceful valleys, that could go from a stormy evening to a dry sunny afternoon. Anne found a new definition of Beauty in nature, which the author describes so carefully and perfectly that you can see it in your mind. On the other hand it was quite stressful, for example, not being able to open up the umbrella due winds; this can be quite exasperating in reality! Plus, Anne feels lost in a new place. Eventually, this brave yet sensitive character overcomes all these problems by finding a nice warm and cozy place, forgetting about the drastic conditions she’d lived in. There were some incidents and fights in this book that would make the reader think about what would they do if they were stuck under such restrictions.

Overall, this is an outstanding book especially for nature lovers and nature observers. The main reason why I like this book is because it satisfied my quest for a book that completely absorbed each and every detail present in nature and spread it in words in a breathtaking way. But nature wasn’t the only thing I was looking for, I was looking for a story, climax merged with liveliness present in our surroundings. So, for me this book was magic. Sitting idle in my school library just before this spell-binding, fascinating novel grabbed my attention and now I can’t take my hands off of it. I recommend reading the whole series, at least this part. Why not just read something that is worth the rating of 4.2/5?

“…One can’t stay sad very long in such an interesting world, can one?”

― L.M. Montgomery

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The Wizard Of Oz

Topic: The Wizard Of Oz.
By: Hajra Salim
The Wizard Of Oz is a High Fantasy, Magic and Wizardry children’s novel. The author of this novel “L. Frank Baum” wrote seventeen more books about the Wizard Of Oz. The story had been made into films many times. The most famous was made in 1939 & 2013. He wanted to write a fairy tale that was full of mystery, imagination and magic.
The Wizard Of Oz is a story about a trip to a magical fairyland. At the beginning of the story, there is a cyclone. The cyclone carries Dorothy’s house to the land of Oz. Dorothy is a sweet little girl who lives in a small farmhouse in the middle of Kansas. She lived there with her Uncle Henry and Aunt Em. Uncle Henry was a farmer. Dorothy was a very kind simple girl, there were no other families to visit, or children to play with but Dorothy had someone to play with. It was a little dog. His name was Toto, So Dorothy was never bored.
One day Uncle Henry was sitting on his deck chair outside the house and he shouted “IT’S A CYCLONE”. Aunt Em went outside to have a look and she to shouted and told Dorothy to rush into the “Cyclone Cellar”. The “Cyclone Cellar” is a small room in the basement where the members of the house rush when there is a Cyclone. As it’s very safe.
And Now, this is how the real story begins. Dorothy and her dog Toto reach a weird piece of land which is also known as the “Munchkin Land”. This area is not as sweet as it sounds. Its quiet mysterious and as Dorothy starts to explore she meets people, make new friends, discover their stories, exploring and searching for an answer to go back to Kansas, talking to people, managing to survive, facing the greatest fears, encouraging her friends, losing her dog, meeting the ruler of the Kingdom and much much more!
The Wizard Of Oz is basically about a girl who is very brave and knows how to battle with her fears. This is worth your time. Absolutely Amazing story and has a great moral. Also this was my first novel and this Novel increased my interest in reading even more. Flawless!

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Silent Night

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By: Hajra Salim

The “Silent Night (Fear Street)” is an amazing book which can be categorized as thriller,horror,crime, mystery and drama. This book is written by R.L. STINE. Robert Lawrence Stine, better known by his pen name R.L.STINE; is the author of more than twenty mysteries and thrillers. He also writes funny novels and joke books.Robert is an American novelist, short story writer, television producer, screenwriter, and executive editor. He is also called as the ”Stephen King of children’s literature” and is the author of hundreds of horror fiction novels, including the books in the Fear Street, Goosebumps, Rotten School Mostly Ghostly and The Nightmare Room series. This book ”Silent Night” has been continued in two other books known as ”Silent Night 2” & ”Silent Night 3” which were as fascinating as the first part.

The book’s prologue begins with a girl called Reva Delby working in her father’s store behind a cosmetic counter. By ”working” I meant, most of the time spending her time roaming here and there, fluffing up her hair all the time, painting her nails and applying lipsticks that matches her nail polish and admiring her reflection on the glass counter. There had been some ups and downs like her mother passing away, friends and family issues. But still she was very happy and thankful that she has a big beautiful house and that she has each and every thing someone could ever wish for but Reva had one bad habit that she used to envy her cousin, envied the way people immediately liked her, envied the way how well groomed she was although she was very poor. Everything was perfect until; 0ne day she was just applying her lipstick and her lips start bleeding and she saw deep cuts on her lips. She became worried and saw that there was a very sharp needle in the lipstick. This was something strange as she had applied the same lipstick many times and it caused no harm. As time passed, very weird things started happening like her friends getting arrested and brutally killed, getting blackmailed and threatened to death, receiving suspicious cards and presents. Her money couldn’t help her now. Nobody could. After all, who can you return to when the murder comes gift wrapped…

This book is basically a very logical and an interest developing book. It shows how the character and even YOU missed the hints and the signals the murderer was giving you. It will make you wonder about what to do next and you will find yourself in the story searching for an answer. It’s a book full of suspense, mystery and hidden warnings.A breathtaking adventure is waiting for you. Join this adventure and you’ll be amazed. Absolutely, Worth Reading. Perfect for crime solving and mystery lovers.