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Heal the world.


“Have you ever thought of making this world a better place?”

Just a thought..

“Yes?” Well, you certainly might have. But how can you transform your thought into  a reform.

Ever thought about that? Certainly, that is more difficult to think about.

It’s like changing a speck of ordinary dust into sparkling star dust.

But what if you assume that ordinary speck of dust as valuable as the sparkling star dust. Isn’t it easier to point out pretty things from a pretty thing, much easier than to point out pretty things from an ugly thing. In this world there is no such thing as ugly, it’s just our perspective and yes no doubt sometimes our perspective about certain things is absolutely on point but no doubt sometimes our perspectives are totally wrong.

We live in a world where we value the appearance. Not the ideas, not the intelligence, not the creativity; nothing. Just how you look. Appearance is indeed important but judging somebody’s intelligence and skills on how they appear might not be the wisest decision.

Todays world might be a victim of indecency and negativity but we can only move forward and make a difference if we start spreading the right message. Yes, we are divided  but we all believe in something common that is humanity which the world is lacking in. Just to set things straight the word “world” is a reflection of who we are. We cannot just curse ourselves or the people around us for the damage that has been caused. What’s done is done. No crying over spilt milk and nor do we have control over the future events, So why not make the present worth living.



Just be positive and find positivity and make peace even in the smallest of things. The smallest of gestures make the greatest impact. Participate in things you have the power over maybe just because of a simple compliment from you to someone could fill that person’s mind with positivity and heart with love. It could change somebody’s thinking, it could change somebody’s perspective of a better world. There is hope only if go search for it.

So, start from today. Start from yourself and go make a difference. Spread positivity. Spread positivity today for a positive tomorrow.

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Silent Night

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By: Hajra Salim

The “Silent Night (Fear Street)” is an amazing book which can be categorized as thriller,horror,crime, mystery and drama. This book is written by R.L. STINE. Robert Lawrence Stine, better known by his pen name R.L.STINE; is the author of more than twenty mysteries and thrillers. He also writes funny novels and joke books.Robert is an American novelist, short story writer, television producer, screenwriter, and executive editor. He is also called as the ”Stephen King of children’s literature” and is the author of hundreds of horror fiction novels, including the books in the Fear Street, Goosebumps, Rotten School Mostly Ghostly and The Nightmare Room series. This book ”Silent Night” has been continued in two other books known as ”Silent Night 2” & ”Silent Night 3” which were as fascinating as the first part.

The book’s prologue begins with a girl called Reva Delby working in her father’s store behind a cosmetic counter. By ”working” I meant, most of the time spending her time roaming here and there, fluffing up her hair all the time, painting her nails and applying lipsticks that matches her nail polish and admiring her reflection on the glass counter. There had been some ups and downs like her mother passing away, friends and family issues. But still she was very happy and thankful that she has a big beautiful house and that she has each and every thing someone could ever wish for but Reva had one bad habit that she used to envy her cousin, envied the way people immediately liked her, envied the way how well groomed she was although she was very poor. Everything was perfect until; 0ne day she was just applying her lipstick and her lips start bleeding and she saw deep cuts on her lips. She became worried and saw that there was a very sharp needle in the lipstick. This was something strange as she had applied the same lipstick many times and it caused no harm. As time passed, very weird things started happening like her friends getting arrested and brutally killed, getting blackmailed and threatened to death, receiving suspicious cards and presents. Her money couldn’t help her now. Nobody could. After all, who can you return to when the murder comes gift wrapped…

This book is basically a very logical and an interest developing book. It shows how the character and even YOU missed the hints and the signals the murderer was giving you. It will make you wonder about what to do next and you will find yourself in the story searching for an answer. It’s a book full of suspense, mystery and hidden warnings.A breathtaking adventure is waiting for you. Join this adventure and you’ll be amazed. Absolutely, Worth Reading. Perfect for crime solving and mystery lovers.