Basant- The festival of colors

Topic: Basant
By: Hajra Salim
Section: Festival/Event

~The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. ~
Basant, a festival of harmony, joy and happiness. You know it’s Basant when the sky is full of vibrant colors and ecstasy is the one main objective of how everybody is feeling after watching such an eye catching view up in the sky. Contemplating those radiant kites flying over the horizon. Basant is a color filled season of beauty, confidence and love. Basant is like a wakeup call to get up and live life once again and experience everything; inspecting each and every layer of nature and a chance to feel free once again. Enjoying the freedom, being grateful for the endless blessings and opportunities of being able to watch such a magnificent festival. The moment you see multi-colored kites, people standing on rooftops; enjoying the festivities that’s when you would know that it’s time for that wonderful festival   Basant  to make our lives bright and much more interesting. The word “Basant” holds great energy and devotion. Saying this word out loud motivates me. Thinking of the word Basant makes lots of colors and prints pop up together and make an artistic sketch of beauty and love. This decorative season dipped in togetherness makes everything look attractive and engaging.

Historically, “Maharajah Ranjit Singh” introduced this lively festival as a regular feature of the fairs held during the 19th century. Ranjit Singh and his queen Moran would dress in yellow long dresses according to the tradition and culture of that time and they would fly kites on Basant. The association of kite flying with Basant soon became a Punjabi tradition with the center in Lahore which is considered as the main hub of the festival throughout the Punjab region. Everybody at that time used to take part in such activities and children were the most passionate about the Basant at that time. Everybody regardless of the gender would together organize a funfair or a competition fair about the Basant festival to enjoy it to the fullest or else people would stand on their rooftops on a certain time of the day and try to compete with each other’s kite. People would decorate their houses with yellow flowers and antiques. This festival along with Pakistan is celebrated in the Punjab region of India too and their ancestors also used to take part in such activities and told tales about the Basant festival and all the arrangements.

Now a days, people often cannot cope with all the responsibilities like managing the guests, attending events, visiting neighbors and relatives, cooking, baking and delivering the stuff to their loved ones; so, they arrange different event organizers to organize their event on Basant. Various kinds of seminars are held to make people realize about how much it is important to take part in such wonderful activities and along with all this stuff also be very careful and well-aware of all the dangers this holds. People organize get-together, meetings and gatherings to enjoy this beautiful festival with their beautiful families and friends. After all, sharing is caring and friends and family just make everything complete. Media also reflects this wonderful festival in a much more wonderful way. Social media and print media hold great informative content on this event and keep us updated and aware about all the things this elegant festival holds. The food dishes prepared on this festival are mainly sweets, trifles, custards, cakes, carrot and chocolate fudges etc.; mainly sweet things. People today celebrate this occasion with great responsibility and joy.

After all, everything has some disadvantages or causes damage in some way which may be less or more. And this beautiful festival also comes along with some life threatening issues and complications e.g.: the thread used to fly these kites is very harmful. It is formed with different materials and chemicals which had caused many accidents and are still causing. This thread is so sharp that if it crosses one’s neck or any other body part this thread could separate that body part into two pieces which obviously leads to severe injury and if not treated properly then many seem to suffer and die; while enjoying this graceful occasion. Basant has become a blood shedding festival because of the large number of accidents recorded in this season. Basant has been banned in some areas of Pakistan e.g.: Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad but still people take part in this festival secretly. I would just like to warn everybody about the dangers and I want people to take care of themselves and take care of their loved ones on this occasion and spread this message to all those people and youngsters who take part in various Basant festival’s that stay away and avoid anything that has a chance to harm you in any way.

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~Celebrate life, to truly live.
Celebrate each day of life. Let each day be a festival of joy. ~


Let’s write on the first page of 2017

Topic: Let’s write on the first page of 2017
By: Hajra Salim

We will open the book it’s pages are blank.
We are going to put words on them ourselves,The book is called opportunity and it’s first chapter is New Year’s Day.
First of all Happy New Year Everybody! It doesn’t matter what’s your skin color, where you live, what’s your religion and who you are. On this beautiful day, be kind to each other and spread love, peace and harmony.Go ahead and face your fears and the fact that their will be a time when you have to face them; So why not today, right now, This New Year! Make this Year the happiest year of your entire life and just believe in yourself. Of course, like every year you will face ups and downs but if you stumble then don’t fright and go ahead and remember that there is day after every night. This year you might face many problems but BE POSITIVE and remember that we learn through mistakes. Mistakes are actually not mistakes they are lessons,they teach you. Most of the time we all get very depressed when we realize that we made the same mistake once again and that’s where we are absolutely wrong. Sure we might have made the same mistake again and once again the result wasn’t as we expected it to be, but we don’t realize; that we learned something new although we made the same mistake but now we are more convinced and more careful about not making another move like this one. Always remember “Mistakes have the power to turn you into something better than you were before”.
New Year is the time at which a new calendar year begins.The Georgian Calendar has 12 months and The New Year’s Day is celebrated on 1st January which is accepted widely across the globe. Earlier, it was the Roman Calendar which was having only ten months and New Year’s Day was celebrated on 1st March.Many countries, such as the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, the UK, and the United States, mark 1 January as a national holiday.Today, most New Year’s festivities begin on December 31 (New Year’s Eve), the last day of the Gregorian calendar, and continue into the early hours of January 1 (New Year’s Day). Common traditions include attending parties, eating special New Year’s foods, making resolutions for the new year and watching fireworks displays.In many English speaking countries, “Auld Lange Syne” a very special and dedicated song is performed to welcome The New Year.
Many of us make different New Year Resolutions. And it’s a very good and effective way of making yourself a better person and preparing yourself to be strong against those fierce storms of the Upcoming Years and also reminding yourself that the life we have is a gift and a blessing, we should cherish and enjoy it now to the fullest and Do What Matters now.New Year Resolutions are a kind of a wake-up call to yourself that you have to get up and do something. Do something that makes you feel proud, do something that makes your family feel proud. Do something for the world, for yourself or for the sake of Humanity. You don’t need to push and bring those people down who once brought you down. Go ahead and wake them up and prove them that nobody can accomplish their dreams by pushing someone else’s dream off the cliff. Nobody lives happy by taking someone else’s happiness. Go ahead and show them that your silence isn’t your weakness, it’s your strength.
New Year is celebrated in approximately the whole world. The moment when you see fireworks, people taking pictures of fireworks,celebrating and capturing each and every moment, everyone enjoying the festivities, everybody covered in snow sprays and party poppers,forgiving each other,wishing each other best of luck for the new year, internet flooded with thousands of pictures of all kinds of fancy lights, confetti and large cakes especially customized for the new year celebration, all kinds of decoration and obviously lots and lots of colorful balloons; you know it’s New Year. On New Year’s Eve many go shopping to buy new decorations, invitation cards and clothes to throw a party at New Year’s Eve. The trend and traffic of online shopping has also increased in the days of New Year. Although, due to all these hustle and bustle many accidents are caused like: Car Accidents, Buildings caught on fire due to fireworks, People and Kids getting lost etc. But still It doesn’t prevent us from celebrating The New Year’s Day. Everybody owns the right to enjoy and cherish The New Year’s Day but at the same we all should stay calm and careful.

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~Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book.
So, Go ahead and Write a good one ~