Interviewing Novelist, Aanish.


In Conversation with Aanish, The Youngest Novelist Of Pakistan who wrote the first English Romantic Thriller Novel of Pakistan at the young age of fifteen; namely Scar The Novel.

He is a student of LGS JT and just released the novel, the first of its kind in Pakistan.

Pakistan has a variety of talent and skilled teenagers who need recognition, therefore, the Author name of Aanish: The Protesting Orator, has been turned into a publishing house who will publish amateur and young writer’s internationally and that to, for free!

Let’s see what he has to say about his journey of giving his ideas the shape of words.


1. Has your writing process evolved since Scar, The Novel? Also, are your future books going to be interlinked or do you want them to stand on their own?

– Yes! It definitely did! My next book namely, Mahanos will actually be the first part of a series. My 5th-6th book however, will be the second part of Scar.

2. What in your opinion are the fundamental qualities which make a good book?

– Clarity and Expressions. A reader loves books which have clarity and can play with their emotions. A book needs to describe every scene briefly.

3.What do you think was the main obstacle that came when you were getting your book published?

– Finding publishers! People usually give up because nobody publishes or distributes their books. That’s why I have transformed my simple author nickname, “The Protesting Orator” into an international company. This company will publish and distribute novels of aspiring author’s, especially of Pakistan.

4. Do you believe that the true essence of a book lies in the plot-twist?

– Actually no, A Plot twist actually improves and fascinates a reader but it never is the core essence. The book and its sentence structure is the true essence.

5. List 5 best things about being a writer.

·         Fame ( ._. )

·         Can be a good friend, because no one can understands someone’s feelings better than a writer.

·         Can change an individual’s thought or perspective on a certain thing by explaining it in a positive way

·         Influential

·         Spiritually strong

6. Why do you think books are no longer considered to be fascinating enough by the young generation?

– The young generation demands clarity and expressions. The starting of the book needs to be fascinating so that it forces people to continue. Cover art does matter. This generation likes to read romantic and thrilling novels, we don’t have quality books with those genres.

7. What skills do you feel like you are very good at when it comes to writing?

– Describing Emotions, Ability to make a reader to feel like they are actually in the story around with all the other characters and sentence structure.

8. What does literary success look like to you?

– Great, emotional and unexpected

9. Your passion for writing has inspired many people over the globe. Who is your role model or inspiration when it comes to penning down your thoughts?

– Jennifer Niven and C.S Lewis

10. Last question, What advice would you like give young writers who are planning to pick writing as a career or as a hobby?

-Presistance and dedication. Also, never stuff your book with irrelevant information in order to increase your word limit and page number. Your focus should be quality, not quantity.



  1. Such a great interview. The author is an inspiration for so many teenagers who want to become a writer but not finding any support from our society. Good job.

    Liked by 1 person


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