“Don’t tell me what they said about me, tell me why they were so comfortable to say that around you.”
She blinked back a tear and pondered for hours & hours either to give it all up and pull the trigger or to fake a laugh and move on.
She faced, faced a lot. Experienced, experienced a lot and.. Felt, felt a lot.
She was always the strong courageous one, there was always that furious tiger inside of her, finding a way to get out and show the world the growing fire inside of her.

Yet, she somehow became the quiet and weak victim of it all. It all backfired spontaneously.
She acted different around certain people. It wasn’t because she was fake but because she had a different comfort zone around certain people.
She tried and failed after all how could she trick myself into not thinking about the time when she screamed in pain and you all passed by as if you all heard nothing.
It’s funny, when she looks back into her dreadful past and finds herself trembling with fear, her face buried in her hands and tears escaping her lifeless eyes. Saw what she never wanted to and experienced what she never had to.

She is not scared of you going out and about, telling people how she made you feel, She’s  scared for the moment when they will come to know about what you did to her.
Shattering her heart into pieces and scattering them as if it was some stuff that could only be mentioned as disgust, wasn’t that enough? Apparently, it wasn’t. For you.
Came into her life as a friend and now after humiliating her publicly, you all abandoned her weeping soul with such ease. Faking a laugh as she forced her uncomfortable self to be comfortable with you, wailing endlessly in a silent room; even the walls mourned with her clueless spirit.

She was a prisoner then. Her once peaceful soul was trapped in her alive yet dead body. Her brainwashed thoughts and her pointless existence. It was a pure example of injustice and torture.
And indubitably it is, it was and it’ll always be “Unforgettable and Unforgivable.”


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