Contemplating the changes

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Starting from the horrific hallucinations till the dazzling daydreams.
It all began with finding an ancient dry map which was later termed as my idea of success, I saw it transform into a modern useful design.I ambled on the alley engulfed by the trees as I negotiated my fears and changed my weaknesses into my greatest strengths.

I was walking on the path I was always told to, I walked past the past.
I did not stop yet I kept looking backwards to make sure that there was no body there to help me conquer. I achieved it all alone. That lucid thought and vivid glimpse, I felt invisible and my dreams were jinxed.

I climbed up the high mountains that appeared when the finish line was just around the corner and disappeared when I rose up again. They were all out there telling me I would never be able to make it to the top. But today, I am standing on the peak not afraid of falling and climbing back to my feet. Those shivers and that hint of disapproval and hesitation in my voice which once existed were vanished and mixed with the adventurous yet relieving presence of the wilderness.

Now, I am standing tall even the tremendous storms can’t bring me down. I am and I was always prepared for a pitiless destructive storm. I see another beautiful yet precipitous mountain in the distance; I take a deep breath as I give my next hub a sinister grin; unintentionally. My journey consisted of me contemplating the changes.

~We all can achieve, only if we believe~

Hajra Salim final




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