My School- My Ultimate Support

Note: I wrote this piece a few years ago. It is to say farewell to my past memories. 

School is an institute designed to provide learning facilities to pupils under the supervision of teachers. A school is actually more than just an institute it’s your support, your achievement and your foundation. School is much more than just noting down things on your textbook and revising them for your test. It’s actually all about learning. Learning how to interact, learning how to talk, and learning every aspect of life in depth to make sure that when you leave, you feel that now you are educated and groomed. School prepares you to get ready to face the world and be competitive and never give up. School is all about learning to work with others, to be cooperative and patient. The most important thing your school teaches you is negotiating the fear of failure and learning through mistakes because mistakes have the power to turn you into something better than you were before. School polishes your hidden talents to make you something new, unique and beautiful. You might not like your school right now as you wake up every day in the morning and go through the same routine but when you leave school you are going to miss every bit of it. Yes, you will!


My experience in my previous school was the best time of my life. Enjoying the activities, taking part in annual functions, making speeches in the assembly and best part saying Pakistan Zindabad after the assembly. These things were those little moments of happiness and the things that I miss a lot. These little moments filled with laughter and joy are so memorable. Moments of enjoyment and reminiscing the cheerful memories. Time spent there was the most amazing and enjoyable time in my life. Evocating each and every bit of a memory. Running in the ground, eating junk food in the free periods, the excitement of using computers in the computer room was on its peak, also when a senior teacher passes by or when you have to talk to her and you are so nervous but the whole situation turns out pretty calm and relaxing. Buying stuff from the book fares and remembering the magic shows and jumping on the jumping jacks with gusto on Eid Milan Parties. These moments were so mesmerizing and satisfying. Nobody will understand how much you value and love your school sincerely except yourself. Time flies. It looks like yesterday when we (me and my classmates) would be so excited to meet the Dettol warriors coming in our school to give us stickers and watch a short film in the school hall on the projector. Taking part in the prestigious debates held on Pakistan Day or 14 August. Everything about my experience in my school was so spectacular and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious; the only word to describe my experience. I love everything about my school. I remember I was hugging pillars and saying goodbye to them on my last day of school because I literally love everything about my school. I miss my school a lot!
I remember when my first poem was published I showed it to my principal she was so supportive and she encouraged me so much and till this day she is still supportive and encouraging me and she still wishes me best of luck. Thank you for the times you motivated me and lifted me up. The chairman of the school gave me a pen and he told me that this pen is from Germany and I remember I was so honoured and over whelmed by his act that today just because of his support I am writing articles and stories which I was always afraid that it’s impossible for me to write articles because I can’t just do it and only people that are highly qualified can write one. He is such an amazing teacher and he gave me another pen by calling me in the assembly as a reward for my publication of my book review in Young Nation ( The Wizard Of Oz) Thank you so much! Thank you so very much! I just want to tell my teachers that you all are my inspirations, you all are my role models and the way you supported me is more than enough and your time and attention is the best gift I have ever received. I just want to say is that I will always remember everything and everyone. I feel honoured and grateful that I was able to study with such wonderful folks. Now, coming to my wonderful ever loving friends which were another reason my school life had been such an exciting roller-coaster. Thank you buddies! You all are the reason behind my smile, you are my bliss, my playmates, my confidant, my support and most importantly my best friends. Thinking back how we worked together hand in glove. Celebrating all the crazy moments we’ve had and all the lovely enjoyments we shared. All the promises we made and all the friendships we shared. Thank you so much for being by my side. Thank you for everything my friend.

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The message I want to spread is that live life to it’s fullest and live every moment. Be thankful for everything and appreciate every small moment and blessing. Be positive and focus on the good. Trust me, the time you have now is very precious do not waste it. Spend time with people who inspire you and always respect your teachers and respect each and every thing they did for you. Stay positive and believe in yourself you might be somebody’s inspiration too. Today you were able to read this article because of the effort your teachers put in to groom and nourish you and prepare you to face the world and also because of the countless blessings you own. Let’s together appreciate everything and everybody who encourages you to live your dreams. Choose Happiness!

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