Peshawar Attack-Some Marks Stay Forever

`Tongues of the dead, not lost.
But speaking from the death’s frost.`


The time when you turned to see if someone’s behind you and you could see millions of people crying and sobbing.Peshawar Attack has been a very heart breaking and a tragic incident, which shook all of us in a sudden.The little angels who were the reason for their families to be proud, they were the reason to smile and they were the reason to live a new life.Those kids who just went to school and only their lifeless bodies were found, thrown in the corner dipped in blood. Those little heroes who wanted to become doctors to treat people free of cost and nobody could come to save them when they were getting targeted.Those young soldiers who fought not only for themselves and their fellows but fought for their country. Those kids were tortured by the gunshots that made them almost deaf. Those little soldiers who had been shot twice in their shoulders and legs but still were running here and there to save their loved one’s. Everybody holding their own bucket of tears and blood.

Tehrik I Taliban or TTP has claimed responsibilty and one of the member said that they were told to target Army Public School because it is the school where most of the Army Officers have enrolled their kids in and also because these kids stand against us and they carry along their casualties and missions of their ancestors who were against us too.



“We selected the Army’s school because the government is targeting our families and females, we want them to feel the pain” said a member of TTP Muhammed Umar Khurasani.

Now, they know our weakness but they don’t know that our weakness is our greatest strength too. Due to the Peshawar Attack, Parents now hesitate before sending their children to school; Parents questioning themselves that whether they should send their children to school? Will they return back?

But somehow, Peshawar Attack changed our minds and our thinking. Children now a days are very sensitive when it’s comes to the topic of Peshawar Attack, Terorists, Talibans and their beloved country. It has increased our love, sympathy and support for our country even more.

Peshawar left many of us in shock as this was a very sad incident in the history of Pakistan. This day was mourned all over the World. All the television channels turned their logo into black and white colour. People raised this topic alot by Social Media e.g: Facebook and especially Twitter. The whole world was shocked when they heared this terrible news.



I wonder how could someone be so cruel that they could shoot young children infront of other kids or burn and shoot even their teachers and school staff infront of them and target hundreds of young children just for revenge? How could someone be so mean? And then they blame and point fingers towards Muslims & Islam.No, Islam is not terrorism! Islam never allowed some stranger men to kill innocents for no reason. No religions allows this then why are we Muslims only targeted for this?

images (1).jpg

Those little angels are remembered each and every day. How can we forget when those beasts took away our future from us? Why should we stay quiet? We are much stronger than them, they have guns but we have pens and words to prove them wrong. What are they going to do now? Target us once again? Allah knows everything, nothing is hidden from his view.

In the end, I just want to say is that please make a dua for them it will take a few seconds. And legends never die and those brave soldiers were indeed legendary.

~No religion is greater than humanity~
Abdul Sattar Edhi

Hajra Salim final




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