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“Don’t tell me what they said about me, tell me why they were so comfortable to say that around you.”
I blinked back a tear and pondered for hours & hours either to give it all up and pull the trigger or to fake a laugh and move on.
I faced, faced a lot. Experienced, experienced a lot and.. Felt, felt a lot.
I was always the strong courageous one, there was always that furious tiger inside of me, finding a way to get out and show the world the real me.

Yet, I somehow became the quiet and weak victim of it all. It all backfired spontaneously.
I act different around certain people. It is not because I am fake it’s because I have a different comfort zone around certain people.
I tried and failed after all how could I trick myself into not thinking about the time when I screamed in pain and you all passed by as if you all heard nothing.
It’s funny, when I look back into my past and find myself trembling with fear with my face buried in my hands and my tears escaping my eyes. Saw what I never wanted to and experienced what I never had to.

I am not scared of you going out and about telling people how I made you feel, I am scared for the moment when they will come to know about what you did to me.
Shattering my heart into pieces and scattering them as if it was some stuff that could only be mentioned as disgust, wasn’t that enough? Apparently, it wasn’t. For you.
Came into my life as a friend and now after humiliating me publicly, you all abandoned my weeping soul with such ease. Faking a laugh as I forced my uncomfortable self to be comfortable with you, wailing endlessly in a silent room; even the walls mourned with me.

I was a prisoner then. My once peaceful soul was trapped in my alive yet dead body. My brainwashed thoughts and my pointless existence. It was a pure example of injustice and torture.
And indubitably it is, it was and it’ll always be “Unforgettable and Unforgivable.”

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Paragon of integrity


“So, what do you want to be when you grow up, sister?”
I startled a bit, got my abstractions in place and pretended to concentrate. Thought about that sudden question mark that appeared in my younger sister’s mind and decided to steal some time.
“I am sorry Lucy, I was a bit ignorant. Repeat your question please.”
That naive child approved my apology and determinedly continued.
After receiving the same question, in the same intonation. I was utterly confused and felt a bit uneasy responding to that question.
I could have said something out of the norms e.g.: a writer, doctor, a better human being etc; but a continuous nebulous concept was running across my mind and I was battling my inner-voice that, what would be the perfect answer that this innocent child would never forget and hold tight to her soul or maybe have an impact on her life.
I immediately grabbed my cell phone and stormed out of the room, reminding her about her homework. As a kid, I would absolutely animadvert such a case.
I entered my room, stood still in-front of the mirror looking dead straight into my own eyes or maybe I should say I was threatening myself with my tired eyes. Soon after this sudden action of mine, I curiously started interviewing myself.
“Hey, do you want to live under a noble profession and be discovered as it’s occupation?It is your choice. Decide!” I spoke to myself bluntly.
“No..” I growled in a very low and raspy voice as the rubber band which held up my pony tail broke and fell to the soft carpet, my feet were resting on. I fluffed up my hair wildly and swiftly ran my fingers across my untangled hair.
“Do you want to be recognized for your own actions, inventions and deeds?”
“Yes…” a deep approving voice crossed my throat and I slowly started to nod my head as if I was a psychopath. I glared at my reflection and rose up my chin a bit. A layer of confidence and enthusiasm was then running in my veins.
“Think hard! Think hard this time! It’s your last chance. Idolize yourself in your mind and picture yourself as what you think would represent you the best.”
My eyes were then hidden behind my eye lids, scrunched. My fingers were unintentionally approaching for my face, holding and squishing my swollen red cheeks and my thick black hairs were all over my face, protecting me from all the evil energy preventing me to bunch up all the positivity and trap it into my soul.
After a minute or two.
I politely touched my reflection separated by the mirror glass. There was a queer hint of friendliness in my eyes and an ocean of love in my heart. I looked down at my feet and then spontaneously looked back at my beautiful self and   with a generous yet childish smile on my face along with my expressive eyes which sank in love and peace I experienced; I disclosed.
“I want to be a paragon of integrity”
“Now, you may succeed.” a very soft and tranquilizing voice bounded me, it was my reflection revealing the compelling evidence of faith and belief.

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Anne of the Island


“I went looking for my dreams outside of myself and discovered, it’s not what the world holds for you, it’s what you bring to it.”
― L.M. Montgomery 

Lucy Maud Montgomery (November 30, 1874 – April 24, 1942) was a Canadian author best known for a series of novels under the title of Anne of Green Gables. Anne of the Island is the third book of this enchanting series. The main character in this book, the orphan Anne Shirley, made Montgomery famous.

The book begins with the main character Anne Shirley and her best childhood friend Diana Barry picking apples in the Green Gables Orchard. This book carries along a very positive and relaxing vibe. The author creates a sketch of the atmosphere and the scenes in such an exquisite manner that it leaves the reader astounded and lost in the beauty of that location. The everlasting effect of those lush green fields and sparkling waters of gushing rivers was refreshing. The breezy flow of this novel is a perfect match with the plot of such beautiful relationships tinged with some hurdles that makes the reader crave for the next chapter. Every aspect of this novel moves along with a very wonderful and calming energy. Each character in this book has a quality which the other is lacking and this contrast of liveliness and friendliness concludes a glorious engaging chapter.

A new journey begins as Anne Shirley waves a tearful goodbye to her childhood home Green Gables, leaving her possessions behind and putting her precious memories aside. Walking past the past and towards the future, new surprises, memories and majestic moments lie in her future as she prepares her herself to go to Kingsport to join Redmond College.

Anne visits her homeland and often exchanges hilarious letters. Discovering a whole new world and cherishing the moments became her main objective. This trip changes her and she was once again living. Anne’s relationships grew stronger, but some relationships became so weak that letting those relationships go didn’t even matter. Taking serious life decisions, to acting without thinking- overall her experience in living away from her humble home was bitter-sweet.

Adjusting in Redmond College was quintessential now. Her good luck was that she met Philippa Gordon, a beautiful, yet blunt girl who was also a student. Settling in Kingsport was amazing yet hectic. Anne woke up every day to a land of shimmering streams and peaceful valleys, that could go from a stormy evening to a dry sunny afternoon. Anne found a new definition of Beauty in nature, which the author describes so carefully and perfectly that you can see it in your mind. On the other hand it was quite stressful, for example, not being able to open up the umbrella due winds; this can be quite exasperating in reality! Plus, Anne feels lost in a new place. Eventually, this brave yet sensitive character overcomes all these problems by finding a nice warm and cozy place, forgetting about the drastic conditions she’d lived in. There were some incidents and fights in this book that would make the reader think about what would they do if they were stuck under such restrictions.

Overall, this is an outstanding book especially for nature lovers and nature observers. The main reason why I like this book is because it satisfied my quest for a book that completely absorbed each and every detail present in nature and spread it in words in a breathtaking way. But nature wasn’t the only thing I was looking for, I was looking for a story, climax merged with liveliness present in our surroundings. So, for me this book was magic. Sitting idle in my school library just before this spell-binding, fascinating novel grabbed my attention and now I can’t take my hands off of it. I recommend reading the whole series, at least this part. Why not just read something that is worth the rating of 4.2/5?

“…One can’t stay sad very long in such an interesting world, can one?”

― L.M. Montgomery

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Heal the world.


“Have you ever thought of making this world a better place?”

Just a thought..

“Yes?” Well, you certainly might have. But how can you transform your thought into  a reform.

Ever thought about that? Certainly, that is more difficult to think about.

It’s like changing a speck of ordinary dust into sparkling star dust.

But what if you assume that ordinary speck of dust as valuable as the sparkling star dust. Isn’t it easier to point out pretty things from a pretty thing, much easier than to point out pretty things from an ugly thing. In this world there is no such thing as ugly, it’s just our perspective and yes no doubt sometimes our perspective about certain things is absolutely on point but no doubt sometimes our perspectives are totally wrong.

We live in a world where we value the appearance. Not the ideas, not the intelligence, not the creativity; nothing. Just how you look. Appearance is indeed important but judging somebody’s intelligence and skills on how they appear might not be the wisest decision.

Todays world might be a victim of indecency and negativity but we can only move forward and make a difference if we start spreading the right message. Yes, we are divided  but we all believe in something common that is humanity which the world is lacking in. Just to set things straight the word “world” is a reflection of who we are. We cannot just curse ourselves or the people around us for the damage that has been caused. What’s done is done. No crying over spilt milk and nor do we have control over the future events, So why not make the present worth living.



Just be positive and find positivity and make peace even in the smallest of things. The smallest of gestures make the greatest impact. Participate in things you have the power over maybe just because of a simple compliment from you to someone could fill that person’s mind with positivity and heart with love. It could change somebody’s thinking, it could change somebody’s perspective of a better world. There is hope only if go search for it.

So, start from today. Start from yourself and go make a difference. Spread positivity. Spread positivity today for a positive tomorrow.

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Exquisite Pain


That moment of helplessness and confusion when you know you hate everything about someone but you still choose to love them unconditionally. You know you can’t be with them because of all the facts and damage that has been caused but those little things that can’t stop you from thinking about them.

Doubt, hesitation and all those upsetting chaos you are going through inside your head.  It’s like a paradox. You hate everything about them yet you love every bit of them. Muddled and fed up of all this confusion yet loving this indecisive situation. You don’t understand which way to pick and which way to go because of those two components hatred and love fighting against each other.

Standing in the middle of the road and you don’t know whether to pick the rough but short way or beautiful but long way. You feel lonely and hopeless. Don’t know how to make a move. You hate absolutely everything and watching them, hurts; hurts a lot. Reminiscing all those fights and storms you’ve gone through just because of them. You are lost. But still how can you forget those sweet special conversations that actually made your entire day bright and fun-filled. How can you forget those advices and mistakes you’ve made and they were there to tell you it’s alright yet they turned their back & so did you. When they said goodbye you said too.


Ending everything there. Leaving all your memories and possessions in the past. Yet, you want to start a relationship again. You are afraid of being hurt again, you are avoiding being hurt again. Losing everything again. Still, you are fooling yourself that nothing ever happened and that ignoring all the negativity and absorbing all the pain, you can survive. You are waiting for something. That indecisive vibe is not leaving you. You are standing in the way between; confused to move on and choose a path to tread on for the rest of your life.
Regrets; regretting everything that why did you let them be a part of your life because now you can’t change the past. Past stays in the past. Hatred and ego making you ignore every positive image. You let it grow within you. Love and peace want to be seen too but you’re afraid to feel the happiness again or as you say you’re afraid to feel being lost again. Questioning won’t take you anywhere yet you won’t stop questioning yourself that’s why can’t you choose “Either to live life hating or loving them” or “Trying to forget and move one”.

It’s a nuisance having to suffer this exquisite pain.

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Contemplating the changes

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Starting from the horrific hallucinations till the dazzling daydreams.
It all began with finding an ancient dry map which was later termed as my idea of success, I saw it transform into a modern useful design.I ambled on the alley engulfed by the trees as I negotiated my fears and changed my weaknesses into my greatest strengths.

I was walking on the path I was always told to, I walked past the past.
I did not stop yet I kept looking backwards to make sure that there was no body there to help me conquer. I achieved it all alone. That lucid thought and vivid glimpse, I felt invisible and my dreams were jinxed.

I climbed up the high mountains that appeared when the finish line was just around the corner and disappeared when I rose up again. They were all out there telling me I would never be able to make it to the top. But today, I am standing on the peak not afraid of falling and climbing back to my feet. Those shivers and that hint of disapproval and hesitation in my voice which once existed were vanished and mixed with the adventurous yet relieving presence of the wilderness.

Now, I am standing tall even the tremendous storms can’t bring me down. I am and I was always prepared for a pitiless destructive storm. I see another beautiful yet precipitous mountain in the distance; I take a deep breath as I give my next hub a sinister grin; unintentionally. My journey consisted of me contemplating the changes.

~We all can achieve, only if we believe~

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What is the meaning of life?

~we are, who we are but who are we? ~
-Hajra Salim

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We all are humans right? But are we really? Just for a moment stop thinking about yourself and look outside, the world that you would never wish to see or you never got a chance to explore. Today’s world cannot be described as peaceful or even beautiful. Beauty is in peace, it’s in togetherness, in trust or beauty is there where there is love. And can the world of today, be represented as a peaceful place where everybody is united, there are no divisions and most importantly do people really care for those in their life that they always claim to be very concerned about or do we truly love the people that we are surrounded by or if not humans, then are we even doing justice to those creations of Allah Almighty which are unable to speak for themselves i.e.: animals and plants. Peeling of the skin of animals while they are still blinking their eyes or moving the axe backward and forward without even noticing how many trees are now lying on the floor which were once dancing along with the warm breeze and those trees which once stood tall in the warmth of sun. A positive point of view requires a positive mind and in a place where each and every person has faced cruelty and neglect at least once in their life time, a place where instead of a heart full of love and purity there is a room full of indecency and meanness. Divisions, restrictions and partitions all of this fuss and confusion has created a new level of ill-will towards each other. Don’t you ever think about the real meaning of life? Obviously, not the one that is a part of every Facebook post e.g.: Life is an ice-cream enjoy it before it melts. Search for the real meaning and don’t go after somebody else when discovering this unexplainable thing which your life is based on. Your life is completely depended on you, nobody else in this world has power over your life or your destination. You design your map and it depends all on you of how you design your map and how do you follow those directions. The real meaning is hidden in those little things that you do for yourself, the things in which you find pleasure in. The subjects on which your aim is based on.

live a little

I cannot give meaning to anybody’s life nor can anybody else. You give strength and make your life enthusiastic by your own efforts.  Everything is temporary; people, relationships, money and your life. It would be a very meaningless lifeless life to be lived but not actually lived. What I am trying to say is that every day is a new chance and this life you have is very short, it would be quite boring if you end up dead without even stepping out of the box, without even peeking outside to see the world which we tend to miss out so much and It would be very disappointing that you were granted a precious time period i.e.: your life and you came out without even recognizing why do you entered it at the first place. What was the task that was assigned to you? You cannot just submit an assignment without even knowing the topic of what it is based on. Life is not what it appears to be, it is a riddle and each one of us have been given the same riddle yet each one of us have a different answer. The actual task is to identify the answer if it was wrong or right; realistically, it is to identify the path you are treading on the right one or maybe you should make a turn.

Your life is not just based on getting good grades, achieving your goals and aiming for new ones. Your life is based on your idea on true happiness, your life is based on things that matter to you and your loved ones. You will find the meaning when the inner you, the real you is fluttering and smiling and is satisfied with the task you are performing.

But the real question that arises in one’s mind is how to add to the meaning of one’s life? How to utilize it properly? Utilize this time by making this world a better place or more over making the most out of each and every minute and changing yourself for good. Sorry, I can’t change myself kind of behavior does not work quite well in these situations. Be a role model and you will feel like you are so close to your destination. Always, enjoy and cherish the journey rather than the destination; appreciate the little things in life…Life is unpredictable and let it be that way. It is what makes it so fascinating. Always be thankful that there are things that you can wish for. In my opinion, a life without wild dreams and wishes is a life wasted.  Meaningful life and wise decisions are two things that make everything perfect.  Your actions, your words and your reactions are what matter, you design your reputation out of them and maintaining a reputation of being a good human is the real common meaning of our lives.
~Tears and sorrows are the things you borrow whereas happiness and smiles are the things you give and always wish to see tomorrow.~
touching flowers

Life might not be as easy as it looks nor can words do the justice of how complicated or beautiful is. Life is a paradox of feelings, aims, emotions and everything. Just for a moment excuse yourself from Instagram or Facebook where you are busy looking and assuming how perfect people’s lives are. Go and find inspiration. Go get some sleep with your eyes wide open. You have let go of everything and calm down. Go and stand in the rain with your eyes closed and be a pluviophile and live in those moments and filter every sorrowful memory in creativity, just try at least once to enjoy your favorite weather and not updating and posting a picture to your social media websites. There is nothing wrong about sharing a picture of a Unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks or posting a video of a family vacation, it actually shows that you are very expressive and you do not hesitate in sharing your happiness with others. But sometimes you have to let yourself know that you are excited to enter that Five Star Hotel because it was a dream of yours and not because you want to check in and update your status on Facebook. We have to live in the moment to find our real cause of happiness and our happiness is a path to our destination and that path and that destination is life. The true meaning of life.

I would like to conclude my blog by just a simple message that there is nothing in the materialistic things of today but still you should know the worth of the things. Same is with life it is temporary but still you have to acknowledge the value of it before it vanishes plus be good to everybody, enjoy this life and do good deeds to beautify your after-life.

~Stop, Admire and Learn. Don’t just Stop, Stare and Earn~
-Hajra Salim

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“Why homework does more harm than good”

Topic: “Why homework does more harm than good”
By: Hajra Salim

Raise your hand if you like doing homework and waste those precious hours at night when you should be sleeping or giving time to your family. Okay, I know homework is given to students so that they can develop positive study skills and it also improves one’s memory and thinking. Isn’t it great? But why this improvement does feel like burden… Maybe because of our perspectives and thinking or actually it might feel like burden because it really is burden. Homework helps in a lot of ways but still due to it presented in such an excessive amount makes it look like burden. And you know it’s actually quite irritating when you explain to somebody, your tutor or teacher that you won’t be able to do all of this because it’s isn’t that easy to do five essays, a mathematics theorem 50 times and other science subjects (Okay, you don’t always get this much homework but when you get this much homework you go through stress and helplessness and that is not healthy). And the other person says “There are 24 hours in a day”. But you know that you can’t argue because it really is a matter of fact that there are 24 hours in a day but your tutor just won’t understand that you are not available 24/7 to complete your homework. To be honest, you really shouldn’t be available for your homework 24/7. It’s very unhealthy. You should instead sleep eight or at least six hours a day, eat three meals a day, leave your phones and go outside and enjoy the beauty of nature and most importantly stay with your family and give time to your family and friends, just spend time with them. But in reality, you stay up all night doing your homework and continue to sleep during school. That’s very productive. Don’t you think schools should extend an hour in their daily schedule in which you could cover the work and come home and relax for a few hours? That would be calming. Okay, doing homework is actually supposed to be less in quantity and things that are actually important and most importantly it should be relaxing and fun to do. Unfortunately, it’s quite the opposite. Now a days nobody understands that bundles of homework is not going to make us (students) work hard. It would actually make us give up. I remember that there were days when I would stay up all night and still not complete my homework and that would make me so upset and fed up. Obviously, I gave up. I tried but it was a lot. Homework is not always burden actually sometimes it’s actually less in quantity and fun. And this is how it is supposed to be.

The homework wars have been raging for years. In Finland, a country long held up as having a model education system, pupils are given little or no homework, in the belief that children require family and outdoors time more than revision.
Let’s talk about homework on weekends or homework on Fridays. Why is there extra homework on weekends? It’s acceptable that on work days students have to cover various subjects and there are tests and stuff that’s why there is loads of homework. But weekends are holidays they are supposed to be a break from all the work and stress we go through in the business days. Right? Instead we get tons of homework and assignments to complete. I just want to say to all those people who assign this much homework that at some point in your school days you hated homework too then why do you want others to experience what you experience. Come on, have mercy haha! No offense. Make a change! Just to clear things up this is not to offend anybody or targeted to anybody it’s just it’s stressful. I understand when you assign homework there might be things you have in mind that are going to help us (students) and they really do. But homework on weekends; actually extra homework on weekends just doesn’t
seem right. There should be very less homework on weekends.

Now I would like to share some ideas to do your homework:

  • Set up a homework nook to do your homework. Trust me, it will be much more interesting and comfortable. You can set up a table with a desk and arrange your books and then get started with your work or else if you want your nook to be more comfy and home- like then grab some pillows and throw them next to the fire place in short build yourself a inglenook and get started. Just don’t go to sleep while studying in your comfy nook!
  • Give yourself mini treats when you complete the first task. E.g.: When you read a paragraph you get one Dorito to eat. That’s tempting! You can make a checklist of when you will get your first treat and what tasks you’d have to complete. It will make you gain more information and treats. Haha! Just don’t break the rules.
  • Keep distractions to a minimum. This means no TV, no loud music or interruptions. Distractions will just make you lose interest in your subject and most probably even if you still manage doing multitasking like listening/dancing to music and doing your work too then there is a 50% chance that you’re going to mess up somewhere while doing your homework. So, avoid interruptions and distractions.
  • Always prepare and carry a homework supply pack just in case if you are away from your nook and you are unable to study in your nook then you have all the supplies you need in a small bag or cup. So, you don’t have to get up again and again and grab things from your studying nook. In short, there is no place for interruptions when doing homework…hehe!
  • One of the most important point is that try to be positive and enjoy your homework like do something exciting like: try writing with a different style or hold your pencil a bit differently and write two sentences; one with your old style and the second one with the style you just discovered compare them and now continue your homework with the writing you think looks better or if you are confused so use your lifeline “The Audience Poll” and go ahead and ask your friends and family. Main point, just enjoy your homework and find something interesting in every subject, in every topic. Be Happy!
  • Always say your plan out loud. E.g.: So, first I am going to write the essays then I’ll take a five minutes break then I am going read the history chapter, then after writing down some theorems I will eat popcorns, watch Sherlock Holmes and go to bed. That’s exciting! Let’s hop on to the next point.
  • Set up a separate routine just for homework. This is an especially good tip for homework refusers. Honestly, make homework your daily routine and not just your daily routine but be punctual and stick to your routine
  • Most importantly, if you are stuck at some point while doing homework. Please, just don’t stress out. It’s alright. Take a break, chill out; Come back and try again and if you are still having difficulty then politely ask somebody to teach you or else what is YouTube and google for, just challenge them if they can solve it and have fun. In short, calm down because everything’s going to be okay.

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Streets Of Baskerville

~ Giving up doesn’t always mean you are weak…Sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go.~

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She wandered alone under those dark starry nights in the streets of Baskerville. Sitting on the sidewalk, walking slowly down the streets, tears running down her cheeks, a fake smile on her face; she looked happy on the outside but inside she screamed for help. Her heart was broken into pieces. Nobody could tell either if she was sad because of that fake smile of hers. But unfortunately, that smile couldn’t fake everything. Behind her fake smile hid thousands of stories from a past that she regretted.

She claimed that she didn’t remember any of the bad days. But indeed, her past was full of sorrows. In her opinion, ignoring all the bad days and pretending they never existed made her strong. She didn’t know that strength comes from confronting and fighting against all the negativity and learning a lesson. Unfortunately, she moved backwards instead of moving forward. She never understood the real meaning of being strong.


She would sit in the corner and refuse to say a single word. She would walk away in the middle of a conversation or start running as if she was being chased. She smiled and suffered, absorbing all the negativity with patience. Her worst enemies were her memories. After all, how could one recover so easily after so much harm? She felt that all of her wrong decisions made her seem like a catastrophe. She would talk less, it was like that she felt painless. She suffered. Suffered and survived. She was no longer a sweet, happy girl; quite the opposite.

She felt abandoned, invisible and worthless. Nobody would lend a helping hand, nothing could reduce her stress. She felt betrayed. Her goal was to survive and wait until her journey ended. She would stay up nights staring at a wall or be found in the middle of the forest, asleep as if she hadn’t slept for weeks. Even so, no amount of sleep in the world could cure the tiredness she felt. She would run, spending her days in a lonely graveyard, crying or standing still in the rain as if she were waiting for someone. She felt as if she was a plastic doll, people used her, betrayed her and pointed out her imperfections, as if she didn’t already see them.

The only thing she ever experienced was humiliation and degradation. She avoided being hurt. Actually, she wasn’t sure if she was avoiding something. It felt like the whole world turned their backs towards her. Everything seemed so lifeless. She was no longer alive now; this was an indubitable truth. Her spiritless soul searched for peace. Feeble cries of pain and hopelessness were the only sounds that crossed her throat. She was sinking.

Before, she saw the world as full of peace and love and now she saw the exact same world as full of hatred and disgust. Her soul was covered with scars and bruises, but the unusual fact was that she felt nothing. It wasn’t hurting anymore, it wasn’t aching, it was as if she was dead. Her dreams shattered and her nightmares stayed with her forever. She was lost and wanted to stay that way.

Her dreams, or maybe unfinished businesses, made her re-live everything. Everything was wrecked, all the positive images had vanished. Negativity is what she thought the world was covered in. She found herself making the same mistakes over and over.

She had lost her way and let her aspirations slip once again. It felt like misfortune followed her wherever she went. Her enemy was her past, her mind in agony. She tortured herself with her own mind, losing every battle she fought. She suffered never-ending pain. Nobody could hear her cry; nobody cared until something dramatic happened. She was fed up and tired of fake people, fake hugs, fake smiles and false hopes. It was like her world just caved in.

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Still after all of her trials, she dreamed of a miracle. Yes, her achievements, her goals, and her aims were lost but she couldn’t stop herself from dreaming. She dreamt that one day she would wake up and everything would appear as a bad dream. She wished for nothing but she dreamed, dreamed of living once again, and experiencing everything she had ever dreamed of.

All this was a daily routine for her now, wandering the streets of Baskerville, watching the cars go by, sitting alone on the sidewalk, walking slowly down the streets, tears running down her cheeks…

~The deeper I think the deeper I seem to sink~

Hajra Salim final


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My School- My Ultimate Support

School is an institute designed to provide learning facilities to pupils under the supervision of teachers. A school is actually more than just an institute it’s your support, your achievement and your foundation. School is much more than just noting down things on your textbook and revising them for your test. It’s actually all about learning. Learning how to interact, learning how to talk, and learning every aspect of life in depth to make sure that when you leave, you feel that now you are educated and groomed. School prepares you to get ready to face the world and be competitive and never give up. School is all about learning to work with others, to be cooperative and patient. The most important thing your school teaches you is negotiating the fear of failure and learning through mistakes because mistakes have the power to turn you into something better than you were before. School polishes your hidden talents to make you something new, unique and beautiful. You might not like your school right now as you wake up every day in the morning and go through the same routine but when you leave school you are going to miss every bit of it. Yes, you will!

My experience in my school was the best time of my life. Enjoying the activities, taking part in annual functions, making speeches in the assembly and best part saying Pakistan Zindabad after the assembly. These things were those little moments of happiness and the things that I miss a lot. These little moments filled with laughter and joy are so memorable. Moments of enjoyment and reminiscing the cheerful memories. Time spent there was the most amazing and enjoyable time in my life. Evocating each and every bit of a memory. Running in the ground, eating junk food in the free periods, the excitement of using computers in the computer room was on its peak, also when a senior teacher passes by or when you have to talk to her and you are so nervous but the whole situation turns out pretty calm and relaxing. Buying stuff from the book fares and remembering the magic shows and jumping on the jumping jacks with gusto on Eid Milan Parties. These moments were so mesmerizing and satisfying. Nobody will understand how much you value and love your school sincerely except yourself. Time flies. It looks like yesterday when we (me and my classmates) would be so excited to meet the Dettol warriors coming in our school to give us stickers and watch a short film in the school hall on the projector. Taking part in the prestigious debates held on Pakistan Day or 14 August. Everything about my experience in my school was so spectacular and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious; the only word to describe my experience. I love everything about my school. I remember I was hugging pillars and saying goodbye to them on my last day of school because I literally love everything about my school. I miss my school a lot!
I remember when my first poem was published I showed it to my principal she was so supportive and she encouraged me so much and till this day she is still supportive and encouraging me and she still wishes me best of luck. Thank you for the times you motivated me and lifted me up. The chairman of the school gave me a pen and he told me that this pen is from Germany and I remember I was so honoured and over whelmed by his act that today just because of his support I am writing articles and stories which I was always afraid that it’s impossible for me to write articles because I can’t just do it and only people that are highly qualified can write one. He is such an amazing teacher and he gave me another pen by calling me in the assembly as a reward for my publication of my book review in Young Nation ( The Wizard Of Oz) Thank you so much! Thank you so very much! I just want to tell my teachers that you all are my inspirations, you all are my role models and the way you supported me is more than enough and your time and attention is the best gift I have ever received. I just want to say is that I will always remember everything and everyone. I feel honoured and grateful that I was able to study with such wonderful folks. Now, coming to my wonderful ever loving friends which were another reason my school life had been such an exciting roller-coaster. Thankyou buddies! You all are the reason behind my smile, you are my bliss, my playmates, my confidant, my support and most importantly my best friends. Thinking back how we worked together hand in glove. Celebrating all the crazy moments we’ve had and all the lovely enjoyments we shared. All the promises we made and all the friendships we shared. Thank you so much for being by my side. Thank you for everything my friend.

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The message I want to spread is that live life to it’s fullest and live every moment. Be thankful for everything and appreciate every small moment and blessing. Be positive and focus on the good. Trust me, the time you have now is very precious do not waste it. Spend time with people who inspire you and always respect your teachers and respect each and every thing they did for you. Stay positive and believe in yourself you might be somebody’s inspiration too. Today you were able to read this article because of the effort your teachers put in to groom and nourish you and prepare you to face the world and also because of the countless blessings you own. Let’s together appreciate everything and everybody who encourages you to live your dreams. Choose Happiness!

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Basant- The festival of colors

Topic: Basant
By: Hajra Salim
Section: Festival/Event

~The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. ~
Basant, a festival of harmony, joy and happiness. You know it’s Basant when the sky is full of vibrant colors and ecstasy is the one main objective of how everybody is feeling after watching such an eye catching view up in the sky. Contemplating those radiant kites flying over the horizon. Basant is a color filled season of beauty, confidence and love. Basant is like a wakeup call to get up and live life once again and experience everything; inspecting each and every layer of nature and a chance to feel free once again. Enjoying the freedom, being grateful for the endless blessings and opportunities of being able to watch such a magnificent festival. The moment you see multi-colored kites, people standing on rooftops; enjoying the festivities that’s when you would know that it’s time for that wonderful festival   Basant  to make our lives bright and much more interesting. The word “Basant” holds great energy and devotion. Saying this word out loud motivates me. Thinking of the word Basant makes lots of colors and prints pop up together and make an artistic sketch of beauty and love. This decorative season dipped in togetherness makes everything look attractive and engaging.

Historically, “Maharajah Ranjit Singh” introduced this lively festival as a regular feature of the fairs held during the 19th century. Ranjit Singh and his queen Moran would dress in yellow long dresses according to the tradition and culture of that time and they would fly kites on Basant. The association of kite flying with Basant soon became a Punjabi tradition with the center in Lahore which is considered as the main hub of the festival throughout the Punjab region. Everybody at that time used to take part in such activities and children were the most passionate about the Basant at that time. Everybody regardless of the gender would together organize a funfair or a competition fair about the Basant festival to enjoy it to the fullest or else people would stand on their rooftops on a certain time of the day and try to compete with each other’s kite. People would decorate their houses with yellow flowers and antiques. This festival along with Pakistan is celebrated in the Punjab region of India too and their ancestors also used to take part in such activities and told tales about the Basant festival and all the arrangements.

Now a days, people often cannot cope with all the responsibilities like managing the guests, attending events, visiting neighbors and relatives, cooking, baking and delivering the stuff to their loved ones; so, they arrange different event organizers to organize their event on Basant. Various kinds of seminars are held to make people realize about how much it is important to take part in such wonderful activities and along with all this stuff also be very careful and well-aware of all the dangers this holds. People organize get-together, meetings and gatherings to enjoy this beautiful festival with their beautiful families and friends. After all, sharing is caring and friends and family just make everything complete. Media also reflects this wonderful festival in a much more wonderful way. Social media and print media hold great informative content on this event and keep us updated and aware about all the things this elegant festival holds. The food dishes prepared on this festival are mainly sweets, trifles, custards, cakes, carrot and chocolate fudges etc.; mainly sweet things. People today celebrate this occasion with great responsibility and joy.

After all, everything has some disadvantages or causes damage in some way which may be less or more. And this beautiful festival also comes along with some life threatening issues and complications e.g.: the thread used to fly these kites is very harmful. It is formed with different materials and chemicals which had caused many accidents and are still causing. This thread is so sharp that if it crosses one’s neck or any other body part this thread could separate that body part into two pieces which obviously leads to severe injury and if not treated properly then many seem to suffer and die; while enjoying this graceful occasion. Basant has become a blood shedding festival because of the large number of accidents recorded in this season. Basant has been banned in some areas of Pakistan e.g.: Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad but still people take part in this festival secretly. I would just like to warn everybody about the dangers and I want people to take care of themselves and take care of their loved ones on this occasion and spread this message to all those people and youngsters who take part in various Basant festival’s that stay away and avoid anything that has a chance to harm you in any way.

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~Celebrate life, to truly live.
Celebrate each day of life. Let each day be a festival of joy. ~